The spectacular all-rounder from Cuba. A rarity that we get everything out of. A classic single origin. Silky dark chocolate, complemented with hints of nut and dried tobacco.


Please note that due to the embargo against Cuba, the purchase of Cubano beans is not possible via PayPal and therefore cannot be ordered as a subscription.


10,50 35,00 

incl. VAT

shipping not included


Dear customers,
due to technical problems we have to close our store for the time being. We are already working on a solution. Until that time, you are welcome to continue ordering, but by e-mail.

Please write to:
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Coffee type: (passenger blend/blend2/decaf/Cubano/Raws/Uganda)

quantity (250/500/1.000 grams)

grind (whole bean/strainer/mocha pot/filter/frenchpress)

Payment can still be made by bank transfer or PayPal!
For the invoice and shipping we need the address and possibly a different shipping address.

We apologize very much and hope for a better future.
your passengers