passenger end-of-season special

Are you still looking for a gift for friends and family or would you like to treat yourself to a new coffee maker and fresh beans?

With our limited
*passenger-year-end-time-special* you get for

**Every purchase over 30.00 euros:
1 x 250g passenger blend
Free addition.

**Every purchase over 60.00 euros:
1 x 500g passenger blend
Free addition.

We have all kinds of coffee machines like the classic Italian Moka, French Press or Drip Filter, as well as other accessories like hand grinders or V60 paper filters – NOW also available: a sample pack with 4 x 250g passenger beans !!

Find out more in our new Webshop!

Small note: This offer is only available at passenger coffee – Elsenstraße 38 and in our web shop!!!
This offer ends on December 24, 2021.

We say THANK YOU for your support
And wish you a healthy and relaxed end of the year!!
your passengers

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