For Business Clients

Hundreds of thousands of cups of coffee were brewed by passenger and our employees before beginning to roast. We realise that to prepare great coffee you need a roaster who knows what they are doing from green bean to cup. We design espresso blends which work for hospitality, we are looking for quality, consistency and unique taste profiles which can be used day in and day out without losing impact or character.

Based on our many years of experience as roasters, baristas and café owners, we have the insights into all the relevant work processes, in order to support you and your business.

We are interested in a long-term cooperation.​

What we can offer you:​​

A fresh roast of consistent quality

Weekly deliveries to your storage room

Machine, technology and work process consultations

Individualized coffee schools

Overview of your coffee stock and adaptable deliveries based on your need

We want to deliver a consistent, high-quality product that you and your baristas can rely on.

Most important about
our coffee preparation.​

Coffee School

Our preparation methods are refined for consistent quality and efficiency. We are happy to pass on our knowledge to our customers and their baristas in small individual coffee schools.

1. High-quality grinder and correct grind

The process of preparing coffee begins with a reliable grinder. We will teach you basic knowledge about the use of this tool, its maintenance, the differences between grinder settings, and their effect on flavour in your cup.

2. Espresso in progress

Timing, tamping, pressure, temperature and workflow - How do these elements affect your extraction? We will explain to you the interplay between these factors and why they are important for the preparation of a delicious espresso.

3. Not enough foam?

With us you will learn how to achieve a milk consistency that blends perfectly with the espresso shot and becomes an eye-catcher when serving.

4. Got a coffee maker, what now?

We explain the basic functionality of the espresso machine and teach you all the steps for effective machine cleaning and care. This ensures a long-term quality relationship to your machine.